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Tehama Trail Story

Who, What & Where of Tehama Trail


Tehama Trail encourages you to support local farms

They say a farmer’s work is never done. Tehama County farmers work from sunup to sundown, and sometimes they don’t return from the fields until after dark. Our farmers love what they do and enjoy sharing the fruits of their labor with you and your family. And they need to feed their families, too. In order to do this at a sustainable level, they must sell their products -- in other words, they rely on you to survive.

If you value your farmers and appreciate open, working landscapes, purchase local products. In return, you and your family can enjoy fresh, safe, nutritious food -- food grown just down the road.


Sunrise in the fields of Tehama County on the Tehama Trail

Situated in the fertile northern Sacramento Valley, Tehama County is host to a rich and diverse ecosystem, which yields some of the finest produce in the world: specialty meats, wine grapes, colorful tomatoes, juicy fruit, succulent olives, crunchy almonds and meaty walnuts, to name a few.

Farmers throughout the region established the Tehama Trail partnership to bring awareness to the abundance of good food right here in our community.


Experience the vegetable and fruit stands of the Tehama Trail

The Tehama Trail is a journey across the rural communities that grow this wholesome food. Your adventure begins in Corning, where you’ll visit world-class olive and olive oil producers. A short drive east finds you in Vina where the monks of the Abbey of New Clairvaux practice ancient traditions of grape growing and wine making.

As you make your way north to the family vineyards nestled in the quiet town of Manton, you’ll find an abundance of roadside attractions and produce stands worth exploring. After you’ve sampled unique volcanic wines crafted near the base of Lassen Peak and enjoyed sweeping views of the agricultural valleys and surrounding forests, Tehama Trail guides you south through oak-studded foothills to Historic Downtown Red Bluff where quaint shops and riverfront dining welcome you.

We hope you enjoy the flavors of Tehama County. And please, while you’re here, introduce yourself and shake the hand that grew your food.

• Our farmers and their families would love to meet you! •