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Feb 2014

Pacific Sun Olive Oil fans have something to celebrate every day: quality, flavorful, thoughtfully created olive oil. And this month you have two reasons to rejoice. When you purchase olive oil at Pacific Sun’s Online Store during the month of February, you’ll receive 10% off. All you have to do is enter coupon code PSTTFB when you place your order.


Since 2001, Pacific Sun Olive Oil, a division of Pacific Farms and Orchards, Inc., has been producing pure, award-winning extra virgin olive oils like Tehama Blend, a Cook’s Illustrated-recommended EVOO, and one of Pacific Sun’s most popular and widely distributed oils. Tehama Blend offers tomato leaf notes and a subtle peppery finish making it an excellent choice for finishing rice dishes, pastas, lentils, lamb and red meat.

Another Pacific Sun EVOO blend that’s received a lot of attention over the years is Eva’s Blend, a delicate olive oil featuring nutty and grassy notes. Eva’s Blend pairs nicely with soups, salads and chicken dishes, or try drizzling this oil that won Best of Class at the 2011 Napa Olive Oil Competition over steamed veggies, greens, baked potatoes or quinoa dishes.

“Best of Show” at the 2013 California Olive Oil Council competition, Proprietor’s Select has a lively perfume of peach and dry apricot, making it the perfect pairing for white fish, Asian dishes that feature coconut and dips like guacamole.

Tuscan blend, a lively oil with aromas of green almond and artichoke, has been a gold medal winner at the New York International olive oil competition. It’s a piquant, assertive olive oil ideal for beans, root vegetable soups, and red and game meats.

Pacific Sun has recently released Organic Blend, a medium intensity olive oil with perfumes of grass and a pleasant herbaceous aftertaste. A versatile oil, Organic Blend pairs well with soups, salads, tomatoes, pasta, quinoa and rice dishes, and avocado.

For your salads, Pacific Sun also carries a Dark Balsamic Vinegar. Used in small quantities alongside Pacific Sun's fine oils, this rich vinegar makes a good dressing or vinaigrette.

If there’s a Pacific Sun EVOO you’ve been hungry to try, now’s the time. To make savings even sweeter, Pacific Sun Olive Oil is offering free shipping on all orders over 65 dollars. So stock up and save today!

Pacific Farms & Orchards, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned and -operated farm situated in Gerber at the northern end of California’s fertile Central Valley. Pacific Sun processes olives onsite using progressive milling techniques that are focused on quality, freshness and the nutritional aspects of the oils. Each batch of oil is individually tested, tasted and tracked to ensure the highest quality and best flavors possible.

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