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Nov 2013

Maybe you’ve driven past Country Haven at the Red Barn in Los Molinos and said to yourself, “One of these days I need to stop in there.” Don’t wait any longer. Just in time for Christmas, Sharron and Michael Druey, owners of the specialty food and antique store and this month's Featured Farmers, will hold their first Fall Sale Event.

Country Haven at the Red Barn

“We’re going to be sampling candied fruits and dried vegetables, and we’ll be making some of our walnut burgers to give away,” says Michael.

Country Haven's Popular Dried Okra

To encourage customers to try delicious, locally grown and crafted foods, Sharron says, “We’ll be offering different sale items each week.”

During the first week of November customers will receive complimentary walnut cracking with their purchase of Red Barn Walnuts – grown just outside the store’s back door. For the rest of the month they’ll enjoy a 10 percent discount on a variety of food items: From the 11th through the 17th, all brands of olive oil will be on sale. For the third week its home-style fudge, jams and jellies. And from the 25th through the 30th, pistachios and candied fruits like strawberries, kiwi – sulfured or non-sulfured – and spiced mango will be the featured sale items.

Since 2007, the Drueys have been dedicated to providing a respite where travelers can relax and visit, and stock up on gifts and locally produced goods. Tucked into a shady walnut grove just off Hwy 99 in Los Molinos, the 100-year-old red barn is filled with whimsical cookbooks, vintage kitchen wares and a selection of foods like honey, stuffed olives and dried okra – one of Country Haven’s best sellers.

This November, as visitors make their way past the flower-filled porch and through the screen door into Country Haven’s cheerful interior, they’ll receive more than a discount on quality products. They’ll receive a warm welcome from Sharron and Michael.

To learn more about Country Haven’s Fall Sale Event, call (530) 384-0345.

Country Haven at the Red Barn is owned and operated by Sharron and Michael Druey. The couple promotes local products and offers families a place to shop and rest while traveling through Tehama County. The store is located at 10098 Highway 99 E in Los Molinos. Hours of operation are from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Thursday through Monday, and by appointment Tuesday and Wednesday.


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