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Nov 2013

In 2007, Sharron and Michael Druey were faced with an expiring lease and needed to move out of their home within six weeks. They prayed about their situation and God quickly showed them a solution.

Country Haven at the Red Barn Sharron Druey

Within days John and Linda Patrick, owners of Red Barn Walnut Company, approached the Los Molinos couple with a business proposition: The Patricks offered the Drueys retail space in their 100-year-old red barn, and a lease on the home conveniently located across the parking lot, if they would sell Red Barn Walnuts in their shop. Sharron and Michael accepted, and Country Haven at the Red Barn was born.

Although they had never worked in retail -- Sharron was retired from home health care and Michael was a retired machinist -- they knew they would need to sell more than walnuts to sustain their business. Sharron began contacting farmers and food crafters throughout Tehama and Shasta Counties, and miraculously, everything fell into place. 

Today the Drueys continue to carry walnuts grown and processed on-site. During harvest, customers can purchase walnuts in bulk and have them cracked in the automated walnut cracker that Michael built by hand.

Country Haven at the Red Barn Michael Druey

In addition to whole and halved walnuts, the Drueys market their own line of walnut meal, a product slightly courser than walnut flour that’s perfect for baking. To promote home cooking they offer take-home recipe sheets that feature savory Walnut Burgers, Walnut Meal Pie Crust and a sweet-tart Sparkling Grapefruit Pie.

Other locally farmed and produced goods like Pacific Sun Olive Oil, Cal Yee’s dried vegetables and candied fruits, In A Jam jellies, jams and mustards, and a variety of hand-crafted chocolates round out Country Haven’s growing list of specialty food items.

Not only will customers find delicious food at Country Haven at The Red Barn, they’ll get a chance to browse vintage cookware, whimsical gifts, collectables, fiber arts and more.

The Drueys are known for the unique shopping experience they’ve created. But for Sharron and Michael, being in business is not so much about what they sell from their cozy storefront. It’s about their faith, the lives they touch and the inspiration they continually receive from others who visit their roadside store.

Country Haven -- a place of rest in the country -- is located at 10098 Highway 99 E in Los Molinos. Store hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Thursday through Monday, and by appointment Tuesday and Wednesday. The next time you travel down Hwy 99 keep an eye out for the sign that reads “The Best Gift Ever Was Found in a Barn.” Then stop in for a visit. Sharron and Michael look forward to meeting you!

For more information, call (530) 384-0345


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