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Oct 2013

Farming is all about family, fun and life experiences for Annie and Ray Bianchi, and their children, Robbie, Becky, Eddie, Julie and Katie. Around Bianchi Orchards, everyone contributes to the success of the family-owned and -operated business; from working in the orchard pruning trees and harvesting Chandler walnuts to design, marketing and sales in the walnut shop.

The Bianchi Family of Bianchi Orchards

The Bianchi legacy began in 1976 when Annie and Ray moved to Los Molinos and purchased their first home, a quaint, early 1900s farmhouse tucked into 20 lush acres of prune trees and riparian forest. While Ray taught agriculture, economics and wood shop classes at Los Molinos High School, Annie tended to the orchard.

After converting the prune orchard to a walnut orchard, the Bianchi's began selling their crops on the open market. The children eventually went off to college. When the Bianchi daughters returned to the farm in 2009, they started packaging and marketing their own walnuts from a small shop located just steps from the main house.

Over the years the farm has grown. Today, Bianchi Orchards produces premium Chandler walnuts -- a light colored nut with a mild, pleasant flavor -- on 80 acres of rich, loamy, volcanic soil. Specialty products like premium shelled walnuts, glazed walnuts, chocolate-covered walnuts, walnut oil and an assortment of gift baskets are available at their new roadside tasting room.

Within the walls of their restored 1920s barn nut shop, you’ll find a selection of Tehama County-grown pecans, almonds and pistachios alongside Bianchi walnuts. Locally produced goods like jams and jellies, vinegars and dressings, and olive oils as well as artisan kitchen wares round out the selection of edibles and handcrafted gifts for sale. You’ll also find fun T-shirts featuring Wonder Walnut and Super Prune, the Bianchi Orchards mascots based on bedtime stories created by Annie and Ray when the children where young.

The Bianchi Orchards' mission is to establish itself as a premier walnut grower and supplier of high-quality, value added Chandler walnuts, and to attract and maintain customers through quality, honesty, education and service. To experience the friendly service Bianchi Orchards is know for, to taste the flavors of locally grown and produced walnuts, and to learn about the history of Wonder Walnut and Super Prune, stop by Bianchi Orchards soon. The tasting room, located at 10377 Hwy 99E in Los Molinos, is open daily from 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

For more information, call (530) 680-1714 or visit


(1) responses to "Bianchi Orchards: Family Farm Offers Premium Chandler Walnuts and More"
Lorraine Rinaldi says:
The box of fantastic assortment of your chandler walnuts was very much appreciated....It was a perfect Christmas gift. Included was the little bottle of honey.... Dried apricots are a family favorite...A dish of the different walnuts is always available to munch on. A perfect gift that reminds us how good nuts are and how good they are for you... Thank you....

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