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Olive Pit’s Version of the Classic Muffuletta Sandwich

Tehama Trail Coordinator Apr-15-2014
Apr 2014

The muffaletta (pronounced moo-foo-LET-ah) sandwich was invented by Salvatore Lupo, owner of Central Grocery, an American-Italian specialty market located in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Lupo, a Sicilian immigrant, opened his store in 1906 to cater to the Italian population. Today, Central Grocery is owned and operated by Lupo’s grandson, Salvador T. Tusa, whose family still sells its signature muffuletta sandwich.

“Corning Read More

Apr 2014

The Craig family, Tehama Trail’s April Featured Farmer and owners of the Olive Pit in Corning, invites you to visit with local winemakers and experience the flavors of North State wines at their month-long Meet the Winemaker event.

Olive Pit Tasting Bar Read More

Apr 2014

It’s a store, it’s a café, it’s a tasting bar. It’s Olive Pit in Corning. Owned and operated by the Craig family, Olive Pit has been a popular pit stop for travelers on the I-5 corridor since 1967. What began as a roadside stand serving burgers and frosties is now a one-stop shop for all things olive – and more.

The Craig Family  Read More